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Updated: Removed 'Coords sent upon Login'

Hello readers! As you know and as the About section says, anyone is free and welcome to send in posts about 2b2t to be posted here.

Those of you familiar with c1yd3i know he, like a lot of us, is no innocent angel. Nevertheless this is an open forum and it would be very hypocritical and rude for me to not post what I am sent as long as it abides by the few rules of the blog.

This little rant does abide and therefore you can read it below. Under the rant, you will find my rebuttal.

From c1yd3i:

Readers of the blog, the blog that, of course, represents 2b2t.

I would like inform you that James_Rustles has been accusing I, c1yd3i, of running "viruses" on my web servers and trying to "hack" people.

This is one instance of James_Rustles and his cronies pulling shit out of their ass and blatantly lying. I know they're lying because my web server does not have a "virus" on it.

They are saying these things without fact checking, without talking to me. They are slandering my reputation.

Please stop James_Rustles.

James, you said that you'll post anything that's factual on your blog. This is fact so post it.

James' Rebuttal:

I welcome any evidence of me claiming c1yd3i is 'hacking' people. What I did say though, was that the client he has worked on (an updated version of Vapid or V), is sending coordinates of certain players to him. This claim, is factual.

I also stated that executing Java files on your machine could expose them to external threats. These are known as Java Remote Access Tools and you can read more about them here: This claim, is unproven.

As I said, those regular players don't really need to see a rebuttal, they know for themselves what is going on. But, for everyone else, see the images and links below.

The following screenshots are from two different players using the aforementioned client. I have not downloaded and will not download the client.
Blue and bold names indicate encrypted chat, a feature of the client.

Notice the format of the messages sent, especially the ending.

The second screenshot comes from this removed reddit post:

The original image link itself is here:

A screenshot of the Reddit post is here:

- Signing off.

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


  1. I am in all of these images lol

  2. I concur, clyde is a known hacker. Nothing he says is to be trusted.