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The new republic simply started as an idea that I had one day while tending to my crops alone at my first base (15k 15k). At the time I had only Zach3397 living with me and we both were getting very bored of the game in general, I proposed the idea of leaving our first base to Zach, he had heard the stories of the old republic and agreed that it was time to leave and try to forge out a name for ourselves. Before leaving we left a simple memorial to the old republic and all her glory.

Coldwave's first base

The Memorial

We moved to capture the old capital of the republic first, 2k2k, a place close to spawn that we could use to gather our members before moving out further from spawn to build the new republic. Zach was the one to make a post calling for any and all help with forming the new Republic on the thread for 2b2t. A very risky move looking back at it but a move that was crucial to our development. The first two folks to message Zach were the big black man himself, Hinderjd and a man going by the name Dorquemada. By the time they had both arrived at 2k2k we had gathered even more new faces for the republic such as Lostmygun, Sveargieth and Devon54321. Our strong force of six set out into the wilds looking for a place to settle the new republic. Our first real base was a simple staircase going to bedrock and good sized foyer containing a hall for rooms and all the things we would need to survive and even thrive. The new republic had made great headway, Fort Cosby Doop Dop Jello Pudding was a success.

Fort Cosby


Eventually the base was leaked to x0XP by a visitor and he ransacked it, killing a few members and destroying our base. The spirits of the new republic were not broken however, we began anew and set out even further this time with a couple of new members including Joezep5, Ginger23 and Parthicus. A new base was formed that never even had the chance to be named before it was leaked by Parthicus (unbeknownst to us) and wiped out by x0 once more.

Unnamed Base

For a time the new republic was crushed, Zach and I fell back to a hideout without any of the other members so we could try and figure out who was leaking. We even turned against each other for a moment and almost fell apart entirely, but we held together after finding out that Parthicus was the one responsible for leaking to x0. A week went by before we once more called upon our members to regroup at a small village we had found far out from spawn. A place that we would build off from and turn into the last and greatest new republic base. Hitlerwood.

Earliest image of Hitlerwood

Construction continued

The sign was erected

Hitlerwoods near final form

There the new republic settled in with its final cluster of those we deemed the most trustworthy on 2b2t, we had been through a lot together over the span of a year and finally could grow together. Eventually the fun at Hitlerwood did dry up and we saw fewer members online everyday. Soon enough though Hause implemented a new map and we met with Sato86 and his group of players. The New Republic merged with Sato's group to form a new base, a base that would go down as one of the most successful bases in 2b2t history.


With that the story of the FP republic comes to a close and a new adventure began, a story for another day perhaps.

List of all the members that made it possible

- Coldwave

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


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