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Like the majority of the new players on 2b2t, I ran across
TheCampingRusher's video advertising "the oldest server in
Minecraft." Having played the game for many years, and accomplished essentially
everything in singleplayer, my interest was piqued at this new

When I first logged in, I was astonished at what I found. Monstrous
towers of cobblestone overwhelming spawn. Obsidian highways that
stretched seemingly forever into the distance. A wasteland where
food was next to impossible to obtain. It was such an incredible sight that no description could ever capture its full chaotic glory.

On my first three attempts to escape spawn, I foolishly believed the highway was the ideal route to travel. After starving to death each time, I did my research and came across this blog.

Meanwhile, tensions were already building between the veterans of the server and the waves of new players flooding the server. Work began on a curtain of lava built to surround spawn, intended to prevent any new player from escaping. I knew that if I wanted to make my mark on 2b2t, I would have to make my escape soon.

Several days later, after 2b2t was transferred to a new server, I made my move. I headed out of spawn, careful to avoid the veteran players who were stationed with the sole purpose of annihilating anyone new who dared set foot on their sacred ground. Using nothing but my wits and a boat, I traveled several thousand blocks before happening across a small underground melon farm. I stayed there for several hours, mining until I'd acquired full diamond armor and enough food to last me weeks. As I began to travel through the nether, I ran across the corpse of a player containing enchanted gear. It was this gear that allowed me to venture out even further after my melon supply dwindled.

It was at this point I invited a good friend by the name of ElishevaLight to the server. We'd worked together on several big projects in the past, and I knew that this would be a quest too good to refuse. The plan at the time was simply to travel far enough away from spawn to set up a permanent base, and leave a lasting mark on the server. ElishevaLight escaped spawn without much trouble, and after raiding a base we happened upon, we set up the first of many small camps where we could mine, enchant, and establish ourselves as powerful players.

It was around this time, however, when one of the server's famous monuments, the Valley of Wheat, was griefed by a group of new players. This made both ElishevaLight and myself question the newer players on the server. Although TheCampingRusher had repeatedly stated in his video that he was "not here to grief," it appeared that this wasn't the case for the majority of new players.

After further research, discussion, and simply thinking, ElishevaLight and I decided to ally ourselves to the veterans. The destruction of the Valley of Wheat was a turning point for many other new players as well. Those of us who were smart enough and skilled enough to pull our own weight began to realize that if every new player was given the opportunity to establish themselves, then much of the server's rich history would be destroyed. Although I don't yet sit at spawn killing newer players who arrive, I'm a firm believer that nobody on 2b2t deserves handouts. Anyone who wants to play should stand the trials of spawn by themselves or die trying.

ElishevaLight and I plan to stay on 2b2t for a long time, and establish ourselves as true veterans eventually. We hope to not only construct our own massive bases and cities, but also restore pieces of the server's history that have been recently destroyed by the flood of new players.

If you're new, I hope to see you out there. The server is truly an amazing place, and as I've heard it described, "the ultimate gaming experience." I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you plan to preserve and respect the server's history as I have.

Because if you don't, I'll have to kill you.

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


  1. good post, upboated

  2. Holy shit this is a cringeworthy post

    >veterans of the server and the waves of new players
    They are the same thing. Almost no old players describe themselves as "veterans". The incursion was a meme. Spawn is ridiculously easy to get out of - I walk around naked for weeks on an alt and nothing happened apart from being killed once. There is no "war". There are just ltos of newfriends buggering about doing random shit and making shitty videos.

    > make our mark on server

    1. Spawn is dirt easy to escape from. You just keep killing yourself until you get a good respawn, than walk 1k out and find the nearest nether portal. Once you find a highway you just check every side portal. One of them is bound to contain a farm.

  3. can anyone tell fit im a vet now so dont kill me a vet

    1. i told him we boh vets now

    2. I don't think veterains are correct destruction for more destruction rushers are peace veterains made it war you destroy more. veterains destroyed spawn lasted from the beginning and you are showing respect for those high ways those amazing past creations think are you really helping we can be prisoners why do you make random people get killed I will be new Aug. 3rd and this war will end starting with veterains check out my other comment it will tell you how I will take it over and have host like powers only people wish they can have then I'm going for the rushers peace ia no more I wage war 1 vs all I'll show you all no one is right hear and peace club what do you do preach to people give them life leasons no " Wars can only be stopped by another war"

    3. @TheJeding Holy shit, thank you for the headache! Those words don't makes sense. BTW, did you ever heard about punctuation?

    4. Stop trying to make peace its impossible now war is the only option or you could just accept that your team is the worst and stop playing