2b2t Achievements - More than just chat & spawn

You might join 2b2t and immediately think, "An impossible to survive server full of racist idiots" - and who could blame you? This post aims to reveal the true potential of your 2b2t experience and to hint at some interesting, long-lived player history and culture.

From leading a group of 25+ players, to being the most notorious griefer in 2b2t history - peoples destinies on 2b2t have turned out varied and fascinating. There is a LOT more to 2b2t than the chat and spawn if you're willing to dig your nails in; including in-jokes as well as epic legends.

If you stick around on 2b2t for long enough, are likeable, and put in work - be it constructive or destructive - you will have a surprisingly engaging experience on 2b2t. This post is a lighthearted list detailing the kinds of things you might experience on your 2b2t journey.

[Note: a "legendary player" is a term used in this post describing players who are widely recognised for doing something significant - the reason varies. Legendary players include but are not limited to: ImperatorTerrae, Pyrobyte, chrisleighton, luke2thebun, popbob, Sato86]

'Newfriend Rank'

"1 Little Newfriend" - get out of spawn. "Bad Company" - be betrayed by a basemate.
"Welcome to 2b2t" - have your base griefed "rekt" - be killed by another player.
"Oops" - accidentally leak your coords. "Give Peace A Chance" - make a new friend on 2b2t.
"Assguard" - grief your own base after accidentally leaking your coords. "Third Time, Joke's on Me" - have 3 bases griefed in 1 year.
"Fresh Meat" - be killed at spawn by Silver or Pony. "Fish & Wildlife" - be killed at spawn by Pompano or Fubster.
"OreMonger" - destroy an offensive symbol. "Vice Grip" - be online during the Vice invasion.
"It's a trap!" - be killed at spawn by anyone offering help. "It's not a trap!?" - actually be helped at spawn by someone genuinely offering help
"Wrath" - visit Wrath (SIB). "Intensely Annoying" - ask where the trees are.
">has voted!" - use /kill for the first time. "Pharaoh" - visit the Valley of Wheat.
"700" - visit 700Base. "Cerebral Trauma" - invite a player with a poor reputation to your base more than once.
"The Gape" - visit Cyto's Gape. "Hangover" - Login and find yourself in a griefed base.
"Squatters Rights" - Log in to see someone else has made your base their home. "Stone Made" - log onto 2b2t for the first time.
"Nice Blog" - tell everyone in chat about the normal and uninteresting things you're doing. "The Mark of The Beast" - be killed by someone wielding 666.

"The Lonely Road" - travel ten thousand blocks on the nether highways.

'Regular Rank'

"Big Player" - base with a legendary player. "Person of Interest" - have your base griefed by a legendary player.
"Far Out" - have a base at least 1 million blocks away from spawn. "Base Hunter" - find an intact regular's base at least 50k out.
"Lonely Hearts Club" - base at 2k2k. "Assassin" - kill any regular.
"Teamwork" - participate in a group base of 5+ regulars. "Leader" - lead a group of 5+ regulars.
"Split Persona" - have a secret alt for over 6 months. "Tempmap" - play during a tempmap.
"u mad!?" - be online at the same time as chrisleighton. "Burnt Crumpets" - be griefed by x0xp.
"The Long Haul" - stay at one base for over a year. "In Too Deep" - participate in a 2b2t Skype chat.
"Regular" - play on the server weekly for 9 months. "Sun" - [secret achievement] you know who you are.
"BTS" - Duplicate any item (except Rails) "Walking On Sunshine" - kill a tamed wolf at someone else's base.
"Contraband" - own an item that's impossible to get in survival Minecraft - such as old wood slabs, portal blocks and player heads. "Archaeologist" - peacefully visit a regular's old griefed base outside of spawn.

'Scholar Rank'

"Monument Men" - restore an old griefed base. "Friend of 2b2t" - create some 2b2t-based media.
"Odyssey" - read Judge's 2b2t comic (18+). "The Collection" - view the 2b2t cards (18+).
"Library" - view an original 2b2t Facepunch thread. "No, Seriously, Nice Blog" - Come up with a blog idea and email the blog owner. 

'Griefer Rank'

"Traitor" - be a traitor to your own group. "Free Speech" - grief OreMonger.
"Hated" - grief 3 regulars' bases. "Tracker" - grief a base at least 1 million blocks away from spawn.
"Lava + Water = ?" - make a lavacast. "A Noble Cause" - destroy a farm at spawn.

"God's Work" - patrol spawn, killing newfriends.

'Legendary Rank'

"Elder" - play on 2b2t during the first 1.5 years of its near-five-years existence. "Facepuncher" - be part of an original FP republic.
"Valkyrian" - base with Sato86. "Artifact" - own a genuine, original legendary player's named item, such as Pyro's Byte.
"VIDEO GAMES" - base with hinderjd/JUSTGMAN. "Vault" - [secret achievement] you know who you are.
"Slayer Of Legends" - kill a legendary player. "Destiny" - become a legendary player.
"Incursion" - participate in one of Sato's Spawn Incursions. "Usurper of the Crown" - kill chrisleighton or Pyrobyte.
"Kino-Brand" - own a genuine, original Kino-brand item. "Justice" - kill a notorious greifer.
"Emperor" - lead a group base of 10+ players including only regulars and legendary players. "Notorious" - grief a legendary base.
"On The Shoulders Of Giants" - peacefully visit a legendary old griefed base outside of spawn.

'Chat & Misc'

"Hause..." - be online when the server owner is online. "BibleBot" - have BibleBot recite a verse for you.
"All Atheists" - witness chat being triggered by BuildSmash. "Spam" - witness spam in chat from a regular.
"I Just Picked Up 17 Dirt!" - witness client spam by popbob. "Hey, check out my base" - click a link on 2b2t (18+, strongly not advised).
"Pesky Ants" - have your text changed by the word changer feature (activated by donations). "Not So Bad After All" - have a relaxed, intelligent conversation in chat.
"Donator" - donate to the server. "Xarviar" - stand still at your base and shitpost for 2 hours.
"Coco" - laugh out loud at something coconut4 said. ">implying I don't know math" - witness Victor96 talking about maths or science.

Old and new friends alike - feel free to comment below with your greatest (or smallest) achievements!

Concept by: ftsqr


James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on 2b2t.org - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


  1. Based achievement list. Will it be updated in the future? I'll whip up Achievement graphics for all these for you too :)

  2. haram absolutely
    you did not include islamic scholar rank

  3. Didn't know being at 1mil away could be considered regular.
    100k was my max, but again i didn't use the nether

  4. pistolpartners17/12/2015, 04:54

    Glad to know I'm a Legendary.

  5. just built a small on the - side of spawn! gotta good garden. already have the first person coming

  6. just made a base on the negative side of spawn. have my first person on their way to help me.

  7. Hey fam, your Holden Comic link is busted