Guest Post: The Reich and The spirit of Valkyria - Lichtenburg

There is a spirit that wanders throughout 2b2t and the minds of its players. It is both creative and destructive, it is both friendly and hateful. 

And it has some obscene fetish for Nazism...

When I first met and based with zxcwbz the spirit was already checking on us, because of our skins with similar political symbology. And when our humble base got griefed it planted an idea into our minds, an idea of a racially pure base (we just wanted to build something somewhere when it was not on a public highway again). We named it The Reich long before we actually found the place.

I don't remember how far I went, whether I went through the nether or overworld, I almost forgot my name and that I am human being for there was The Jungle. An absurd green hell stretched across several thousand blocks, maybe it was ten, maybe a million, I just remember that sometimes it was dark and sometimes it was... less dark. I just went in a somewhat straight line because it is important to go. When you stop, the green eats from your soul. I didn't want to go through the nether, and I paid for it.

Then I found it (or maybe zxcwbz was there first actually). It was fairly nice place and the spirit was there too. I didn't know about it back then, I couldn't. We started building immediately and I soon noted to myself: Don't build your first and main stock on the hill, you will regret it. And I did regret it.

The first swastika was just humble, but it was apparently sufficient to fuel our ideas for other monuments. We were joined by kaameron, spikain and abanaattori, who decided to build 'Olympiastadion' or at least its parade part with huge symbols of The Reich and later made semi automatic farm. I started to build luftwaffe airfield and some S-bahn and zxcwbz was growing veggies for his favorite towers and also made facilities like double spider spawner grinder and sand duping contraption. 

We had racially pure fun and enjoyed our lives in The Reich. Even though that we weren't very hardcore players and often didn't show up for days. For me, it was finally something bigger and more meaningful than my previous bases and co-operations.

The spirit was however unhappy with our slow pace of building (it does take a while to get all the black wool when you absolutely need asphalt airstrip) and it first left our minds. It didn't help that I found a village nearby and started to rebuild it into concentration camp. The spirit was fed up with all the Nazism and lost its interest in The Reich. Soon we started to leave, base unfinished and minds exhausted. The Reich was racially pure as we wanted, but we started to miss company and three isn't exactly a throng (if only we stayed a few weeks longer..). And the spawn called too. And you all know how strong the call of spawn can be.

So one day I packed all of my useful goodies in the endchest striped naked and ported myself back to the spawn with my favorite beam of happiness /killmesoftly.

I didn't know how we were deceived by The spirit. That Reich wasn't just a base of three dudes. It manipulated our peaceful, collaborative, team-play minds to build a threat. A sign of its own twisted behavior. At that time, The spirit found another victims, settled into their minds and attracted them. Its Nazism fetish was quenched for a time, but it didn't want to leave the Germanic theme for good. And so the Nazi eagle hanged its black wings down and let its victims give it a new name. Then it just had to wait.

For Sato86 was already on his way to step into the trap of paranoia.

He didn't know that the base he found close to The Valkyria really was abandoned (even if by weeks, maybe days), that we left and that we wouldn't be a threat anyway (as all three of us later participated in 700 base). But he also didn't know that The spirit of Valkyria was there, waiting for him with its full power of creation and also anger. the spirit walked with him those last 2k and flourished in Valkyria until its darker side overtook and Valkyria fell.

One can only speculate where is the spirit now and whether it helps to build bases and societies or griefs and corrupts friendships.

- Lichtenburg

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


  1. Oh holy shit

    Suddenly a lot of things take on a whole different meaning for me now...

    I think I have the spirit inside me, guise


  2. Oh. I had A group named Cyrenacia, and I belive that somebody destroyed it. R.I.P Derp_McHerperson