2b2t: The Eras 2010-2015 - Part:2

Facepunch Decay Era: With the faction war losing force and spotlight, Facepunchers started to form their own groups or just going solo. 4channers had nothing more to destroy or stalk, seeing themselves to be forced to follow the same path of their enemies. 2b2t base numbers grew at the same pace that the griefings decreased. The player number also started to decrease due the fact that many players gave up after the extremely violent period. 1mil group or at least what was left from it was isolated in the millions. 

A very long Era of decay began. It started with a new facepunch thread that was made about 2b2t - during February 2012 - announcing that there was no republic and that there had never been one. In fact, the amounts of bases that were made claiming to be facepunch republics would be so great that even dirt huts would make this claim as a obvious joke of the whole situation. During June 2012, 2k2k became the only official facepunch base to be discussed on the forums. Phagocyitc was the person in the charge of the base. The fact that the place was considered a spawn base and griefed before would discourage 4channers to do anything. They would just repair it again and again. Both sides were exhausted from the months of fighting.

2b2t griefings became more and more rare. The lag started to strike and many players left the server. The last attempt by Facepunchers to make a base was lead by Coldwave and his group. However they were smart enough to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors. The group had a locked list of invited members. No one on the forum would join, no matter how much they asked. They would use facepunch to update their base progress and communicate. They greatest base was known as Hitlerwood

Shortly after, 3 players grouped together past 100k. They were all fairly new on the server and with no goals in mind. Sato86 invited Pyrobyte and Drewbookman to his base called Anatolia, where they would form the Anatolia triumvirate. Anatolia and Hitlerwood would later join forces thanks to a convenient temporary test map. Under the leadershio of Sato86, Coldwave and hinderjd, a new major group of players formed. This group put an end to the long decay Era that 2b2t had suffered, making the server active thanks to a base called Valkyria.

Valkyrian Era: Hinderjd himself declared while at Valkyria that 2b2t was now at an Era of Peace. He couldn't be more right. This peace would only be interrupted by the Incursions that spawn suffered. However, despite the amount of killings made there, the griefing reduced to such a point that it was common to go for a whole week without hearing about one. The patching of nether roof access also helped to decrease the already decreasing rates of destruction.

Valkyria would mainly become the servers most noted settlement during this period. Actually, more than half of the online players on 2b2t at the time were at the base. Suddenly the base grew to double the amount of members of hitlerwood and Anatolia combined. A “friend of a friend”. People started to ask for their base-mates to be invited, forming a chain of trust that connected all the players inside. This chain worked pretty well. A giant base was born. And with it, the powerful rule it started to exercise on 2b2t. The embodiment of this rule was them proved on both Spawn Incursions. The first incursion was the shortest one, but the second lasted 3 months. Spawn was absolutely dominated by this newly formed army with players armed to the teeth with duped god equipment, revitalising the “oldfags” that were already there, pushing them out of spawn to a point that only Valkyria remained. They also protected NFE at a request of xcc2. The Reddit and IGN invasions were driven back by the Second Spawn Incursion. The number of kills of the combined members of the occupation most likely passed 1000. And two giant obsidian eagles were made on each axis of spawn, remaining there for many months.

2b2t's last Facepunch base was also made by Knightvista. Fort Avril, that was later griefed.

The Valkyrian Era would end with the interruption (Caused by popbob) of the Asgard base project. . A carefully planned and widely expected project that would come with the biome update.

Post-Valkyria Era: The broken eagle is a good symbol to represent this Era. Without leadership and exhausted and frustrated by Asgard failure, the majority of players from Valkyria left the server and the rest went into solo goals or joined minor groups and initiatives, such as Gape 1, Gape 2 and Judge's Oldcity project. A new generation of 2b2t players started to arrive and to mix with the Valkyrians or maybe the opposite. The Legion of Shenandoah became stronger in numbers and more known at this period as well, even though they first appeared at the end of the previous Era. 2k2k, one of the oldest bases of 2b2t was then destroyed following the destruction of NFE months before. Spawn lost the 2 most known spawn bases of its history during the transition of the two periods.

Judge's 'Oldcity'

Fenrir Interlude: The creation of 3b3t and the offline period 2b2t was going though made it possible for the existing alliances between new and old players to happen fully at a base called Nova, aka West Novadelphia. The group that formed there later materialised on 2b2t as Fenrir, a base project that would take a couple of months and their effort combined. The base was a success of both beauty and peace. Minor events of less relevance happened during this short period. Spawn gained roads and new players bases on it- which was only a continuation of the Era of Peace that Hinder spoke about.
This Era ends with the beginning of the building of Asgard II.

Photos of Fenrir

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on 2b2t.org - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


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