2b2t: The Eras 2010-2015 - Part:1

First Days: This is the beginning of 2b2t. The truth is that there is little saved information about this first period. Only Hausemaster (now HOUSE_MASTER) would be able to go into fine details. Nevertheless, it is likely that the server started to get popular for its promise of true anarchy. ‘4channers’ who wished to play on an online server couldn’t identify with the existing anarchy servers and also their admins. So 2b2t was - especially for /v/ and /b/ people - the place they wanted to play Minecraft online. The server started to be advertised on 4chan almost daily. People started to get online more and more. Spawn probably received the first wave of destruction at this point. The game was still on beta or alpha at the time.

Facepunch Era: This is where everything changed. This period made 2b2t widely popular among Minecraft players. It all started when a Facepuncher called Chezhead rallied other Minecraft players from the same forum to join him on the server to make a ‘Facepunch Republic’. The short-term goal was just to have a base for the Facepunch community to play on. However, the 4channers took notice of this. Days later, Camp Facepunch, their first base, was destroyed.

- Camp Facepunch -

On one side, we had the Facepunchers: fairly organized, with a leader and minor leaders. On the other side: 4channers, not organized, no leader and no base. Suddenly the Facepunchers saw themselves at war with an enemy they could not attack, and even worse, that could be anyone around them. 4channers started to infiltrate the forum and ask for coordinates for the bases there, passing themselves as Facepunchers. The pressure on Chezhead was enormous. 

Each base they built was destroyed to a point that the facepunchers had to adapt. Chezhead, being caught in the middle of the chaos of what became his republic initiative, lost leadership power to other. This would actually make things a little less worse. With now more heads leading the players, they had more chance to survive. Policemike and Assassin_Raptor were among those that rallied players from Facepunch to make bases. Chezhead abandoned the idea of the republic weeks later. They would keep naming their bases as "Fort”, “Outpost” and “Camp"

Nevertheless, even with the new leadership, they still faced the same troubles. Infiltration was only one of them. 4channer griefers started to stalk facepunch bases on the map, being able to find them without even needing coordinates. Stalkers such as Luke2thebun, harblax and sequel soon became infamous.

However, it was at this Era that something remarkable happened. A group of players started to form. These players were not interested in the conflict, but only to make a name for themselves. They had no idea that their acts would actually change the servers’ ways. They received many names: Judge’s group, 1mil base and Chris’s group. 

How did they change things? Simply by not giving a damn about what was happening. Judge helped new players at spawn with his base called Oldtown. Offtopia would also often rescue new players at spawn, giving them food. They did not care if they were Facepunchers or 4channers. Actually, the group that later formed would have people from both the factions as well as people from neither of them.

They started to gain not only respect, but hate by both sides as a result - more respected than hated, however. It was also at this time that 2b2t’s first legends appeared, such as Chris and popbob - as well as Judge with his comic - Omalymix and xcc2. And also many others.

They changed the way 2b2t groups worked. This would become clear over the next years.

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on 2b2t.org - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


  1. Snakeslayer54115/06/2016, 22:47

    Time+People=Priceless memories. Amazing, looks like this timeline could support an rpg lol


  3. PLZ update

  4. the rushers vs og era: 2016- ???? | what started as an innocent attempt at making a series turned into the fourth incursion. they started out small but eventually the server got so full that they had to add a queue plugin with numbers doubling in one day from 400 to 800 at the time of this post. people started making spinoffs like 4b4t and the one i play on: 9b9t. rumors are spreading of a 5b5t as one of 9b9t's members ragequit and leaked our ip to 2b2t and an incursion began... but that is our story not this one so let me get back on track. the server is getting worse than ever but the ogs aka vets are killing off the rushers by creating massive lava blockades in every dimension. The hardest part was the PKers killing you even ifyou did manage to escape. tbc once more stuff has happened...

  5. I came in late first days early facepunch. FUCK RUSHERFAGS!

    1. -SirQuantumDragon (dragonscienceboy back then)

  6. this chart is lacking one important event. back before the valkyirian era ended, there was another group of people that had been implementing glitches in the game to their advantage. They had a base where they tested glitches over and over until they had help create many of the loopholes in minecraft that are still in use today. that is what started the more complex hacking and cheating of 2b2t and in the end they had created the power tools. we don't have any info about them but we can only guess what they did by their name. These people called themselves glitch men. And after about a month or two for some reason they all left the server. Me and my friend found their old base after meeting one of them and asking for directions. It was looted and grieved but we found a book and quill with different outdated glitches in it. so i hope i helped anyone looking for history on the glitchmen.

  7. D'awww! It's baby 2b2t! Waaaaaaaay back before Rusher came on with his 6-year-old fangirls and ruined everything!

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