Guest Post: The Tale of Valkyria: Part 2 - Sato86

This base was our safe place. A place to return after the battles and rest. It was our Valkyria.

I went to it after an arduous walk in the nether to find Hinder, Coldwave and KnightVista. They were already there because Hitlerwood, their base, was closer. In the few hours after they arrived at the location, they had already started working on it and built places that would help us establish a functional base. KnightVista built the first storage of Valkyria. A wooden house with many chests inside (that got burned later on). Hinder not disappointing too, built a central building that still exists today (despite having slightly changed). His building with swastikas would be used to provide shelter for everyone.

In the following weeks many new things were built. I made my home, next to the central building and zach made ​​a glass building (which no longer exists). More people were coming: drewbookman, zach3397, Infiltrate and sirms. Each of them made ​​important contributions to the foundation. I realized then, that the buildings were a bit distant from each other. In order to solve this problem, I decided to build a wall to impose a limit on the town. That would make the base get more concentrated.  And the wall did that job very well.

Sirms built the tallest building in Valkyria, a tower that almost looks like a lighthouse by the proximity to the sea. Infiltrate started a weird building project that he would call "the target". Drew then made ​​one of the most important parts of the base: the 3 layer farm, that provided food for everyone.

But it was not all happiness. We had a problem in that land since the first day that made me get a little paranoid. Along my way to Valkyria, walking through a forest just after leaving the nether, I found this:

A huge base, apparently abandoned and a little griefed was on the way to Valk. Nothing like the presence of a neighbour to leave you paranoid. Especially when that neighbour is only 2k of distance.
One of the first things we did was actually go to that place, steal all we could and then burn and blow up what we couldn't take. We also made ​​an effort to erase all our tracks. The funny part is that we still don’t know who the owners were. We couldn't find any sign with names. I do remember they had a double spider grinder underground.

But my biggest fear at the time was the possibility of this base to be known and still active, which could place Valkyria in a bad situation. However this never happened. The members that once lived there were long gone. They never returned. But at the time, I was still constantly worried about that.
I even got to build a place not so far from the base to be able to start over if something happened. Just a few knew about it. It also took some time to find, since I was looking for a double spawner.

Drew then had the “brilliant” idea of spawning a wither like 1k away from our base. I told him that was a bad idea, yet he proceeded and ended up dying to his own creation. I went to the location without items and was able to save his items and escape the wither by running underground and digging.

After this we tried to gather people to kill it. Pyro gave the idea, but again… shit happens. We, 5 players were humiliated by the wither. We didn't have a plan and so it was complete chaos. It killed 3 of us, including me. We all had to fall back, but I managed to come back and save my stuff. We didn't possess any golden apples, so the wither's effect was very brutal to us. A funny episode actually and Drew’s wither was only killed during Valkyria II.

(Valkyria Eagle first appears as a simple black wool art near the docks)

At this point, Valkyria was growing and growing. We had to make a board just to put the members and incoming members, so people would not kill each other after seeing a strange person.

- Stay tuned for the final part 3 -

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on - the best Minecraft anarchy server.

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