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Nothing lasts forever, and this has never been more true than in the case of 2b2t’s many great cities. The end for Avalon began with the expansion of 2b2t’s nether highways. At the time of Avalon’s creation, it was two a hundred thousand block walk after exiting the nether. By the Summer of 2015, you could ride the nether highway to Avalon’s doorstep.  

But with exposure came many friends and visitors who were able to enjoy sights rarely seen elsewhere on 2b2t. Avalon Air was launched in May of 2015, and passengers took turns riding Avalon’s slimeblock airplanes from Avalon’s airport tower to various landing pads outside the city.  

Guests could come visit the Avalon Potion Shop, complete with its own witch ready to provide you with the brew of your choice, or a splash potion if you got too close. Others could walk through Avalon’s expansive lawns and take in monuments to the three original incursions of 2b2t.

Avalon’s new library and museum offered a place to take in some of 2b2t’s great history. Various artifacts and books were stored there (including Part 1 of this very documentary series). Those walking through the library’s towering pillars would find themselves surrounded by iron golums while they took in stained glass art and various maps of the city. A mezzanine was also available for those who wanted a better view.

A number of great veteran players were invited to Avalon in it’s third year, and built guest houses along the South Road of the city. They were joined by already existing structures such as the Pigman Condos and various other homes, complete with swimming pools, fireplaces, chimneys, and music boxes. It was easy to forget that you were still very much part of an anarchy server.

Of course one of my favorite aspects of the city was its magnificent views. Whether looking out over castle walls, standing on the edge of ocean marinas, or riding carts along over ten thousand blocks of powered rail, there was never a shortage of sights to be seen.

Avalon’s dungeons and zoos continued to take in more unusual mobs. The final additions came in the form of Avalon’s East and West Aquariums. Three elder guardians were transported to the city, along with many more guardians. While safe from lasers and thorns, visitors still found themselves cursed with the effects of mining fatigue if they came too close to the larger guardians. Most agreed it was still worth the close up look at these mobs, who would coldly stare back from their glass tanks.

The suburbs of Avalon continued to grow, extending from the ocean onto far away land where the Tower of Avalon was ultimately built. The Tower was home to saddled pigs who could be raced around the expansive ramparts. Within the castle itself were additional villager condos, complementing those near Avalon Castle, and offering greater trading opportunities.

With suburbs came new marinas, ultimately making Avalon truly accessible by road, water, and air in all directions. Despite its size, it remained easy to navigate, and it continued to maintain ties with satellite bases in every possible biome.

Avalon expanded into the nether, with various bases. These had their own gardens, potion rooms, and pet mobs ranging from wither skeleton to blaze. Cattle and other animals were transported to the nether as well, making these satellite bases fully functional.

In late December 2015, almost three years after its creation, Avalon was griefed for the first time. A minor player leaked coords (before being encased in obsidian and slaughtered), but he was followed by griefers who took it upon themselves to attack this haven. Avalon’s size didn’t permit this to happen overnight, and in subsequent months Avalon was repaired and destroyed, with various battles along the way. By the Spring of 2016, most of the city was left in ruins.  

The Rusher/Veteran war which began in the Summer of 2016 only added to the damage. The City of Peace, meant to be a neutral haven for all weary travelers, was assumed by new YouTube followers to be a ‘vet’ base that should be attacked. Little was accomplished apart from the griefing of already abandoned ruins. Other new players to their credit tried to restore parts of the base to a limited degree, but the city was long gone. In the end, Avalon joined the other great ruins of 2b2t, but with its own unique personality. Iron golums still continue to walk along the ocean floor. Tagged bats can still be found in jungle trees. You may very well run into guardians or elder guardians, far away from any ocean monument (as all were let go before they were destroyed). A number of structures still exist as well, as do secret satellites, stores, and treasures.

To those with access, the undamaged Avalon has been safely downloaded and preserved with the other great cities of 2b2t. It is ironic that the oldest server in Minecraft, famous for its anarchy and survival gameplay, has created some of the most beautiful and intricate builds of any server. But then that is part of the fun of 2b2t. It is the ability to create elaborate and often epic cities that could be destroyed at any time, that makes them all the more special. It is the chance of coming across great ruins and wondering how they must have looked in their prime that makes 2b2t an adventure. It is friendship and trust, loyalty and betrayal, and history, both good and bad, that makes 2b2t so truly unique. And some may argue that it is the temporary nature of builds, like life itself, that makes them all the more precious.

2b2t will continue to evolve, and its great cities will continue to transform into new ones. And for those who are willing to travel millions past the ruins of Avalon, you may find me again. The weary traveler who stumbles across New Avalon will always find safety, a place to rest, and any treasure they might desire. The City of Peace welcomes you.


James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on 2b2t.org - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


  1. Well I'll look forward to finding and taking in the views of New Avalon -TheParkerEvan

  2. I find it funny how you use the term "veterans" for older players.

  3. I Wish I knew where to find New Avalon. It sounds an amazing place to base nearby.

    Currently I'm traveling my first million out of spawn. Probably in the wrong direction.

  4. Is there any way to help you build new Avalon (by bringing materials, designing farms, etc.), without having to go to the city (I'm 99% sure you wouldn't give the coordinates to a random player on the internet, at least not at once)?

  5. i have recently visited Avalon city and its still kind of standing there the big castle and the wooden houses are still there whit a bit of damage but stil in good condition the the other castle whit the netherrack roof is completely under huge lavacasts

  6. Amazing. This story shows that not all of this beautiful server is chaos and destruction. I find myself hoping that I will find new avalon, not to destroy or grief it, but to help you expand. Either way, I hope we run into each other sometime awesome monkey. -HateHeart (A 2b2t player)

  7. i really want a download so i can touch it up in newer versions

  8. please can i have the download

  9. To this day, Avalon's story is my favorite story in all of minecraft. Base's such as the Boedeckan and more are truly amazing, but you built Avalon from the ground up on your own. I used to play 2b2t, but barely, and I stopped for a long video, but after reading this once again, I have hoped into que to try my luck again. Perhaps I will meet you out there, but I doubt it. Still, this story will always inspire me and my bases. See you out there!

  10. I'm sad to see this go but, happy that this will live on forever