2b2t Featured on Rock Paper Shotgun

Around the middle of February I was contacted by a games journalist who had heard of 2b2t, seen some of the posts on Reddit and subsequently, saw our post announcing map.jamesrustles.com. So we got talking and on the 25th of February, I gave him a 2 hour tour of 2b2t via voice call.

2 hours isn't that much to take in a 5 year history but we did really well. We saw the spawn, SIB, Ziggybase and 9K farm. Unfortunately I was not on my main account and thus quite poor but we had enough carrots and melons :)

He wrote a fantastic article that captures just what it's like to join 2b2t. It's also a very balanced article, unlike some of the previous ones others have written...

You can read the article over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun here.

- James

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on 2b2t.org - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


  1. >my flag is in the article
    wish I signed it tbh

  2. james sure is the most popular and beloved player on the server! glad to finally have an article that showcases this!

  3. I've never even been on 2b2t but somehow I knew that someone there would get inexplicably bootyblasted about this article.

  4. Ty james for your job. Glad that the article captures exactly the way i feel playing this server, in contrary to the shitty vice's article