Fenrir: A Video Tour

Hi Everyone, today I want to share with you a base called Fenrir.

It has been around for around 6 months and is composed of many players. Although there are around 23 unique players in the group chat (36 accounts in total), only around 8-10 are still based there.

The group comprises of many well know names such as Victor96, Lueesy, xarviar, Pyrobyte, Coldwave, Caleesii, Kino and of course, the founder Sato86.

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on 2b2t.org - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


  1. Amazing idea with this 2b2t blog. Its great to learn a little about 2b2t history. I first joined the server in may 2014 so im a noob. Since I joined, I always wanted to find more about this server and its history, but its hard to find the proper info. Maybe you could consider doing some blog posts about the past, most "important" events and the biggest bases (i heard about KaamTown, Asgard,or Valkyria - been to ruins of first two)?
    Anyways, keep the good work, looking forward to read more

  2. momana was here <3 <3 <3