2b2t: The Legend of the Gape - Part 1.0

Hello boys and girls. I'd like to tell you the story of two wonderful, magical places known as 'The Gapes'. Or in layman's terms: a really big hole.

Around February 2014, Victor96 began digging a hole to bedrock. Some players joined him but due to being close to an ocean, progress stopped. The small group of well known players banded together tocreate a gape in a better location, about 100 meters away. 

It started with the hole being dug, with some chests as storage. As more players joined, a three storey castle-themed fort was built around X:1000 Y:-1000 that held the players and their items. The hole being dug was around 128 metres by 128.

But in true 2b2t fashion, a mix of betrayal, attacks and lavacasts ended the project reasonably quickly. The Gape lay dormant for many, many months.

One day, I was at 700 Base and decided to explore. Upon my approach to The Gape, a players name appeared on my radar. I approached with caution, as my current base was mere seconds away.

Here I met the self-named player '2b2t' (Who to this day we still don't know their true identity) who explained to me that he had been working on restoring the base.

Before long, there were around 9 players at The Gape, breathing life onto it.

The base did eventually end up being lavacasted, filling most of the hole with cobble.
This did not stop us though, as we picked up our belongings and moved on, far from spawn.
There is where we set out to create a bigger, better gape. The sequel that is known as Gape 2.0

I'll be writing about the second Gape in an upcoming post.

- James

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on 2b2t.org - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


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    Thats so cool! Im loving this ancient history!

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