Christmas Messages from 2b2t Players

Merry Christmas everybody! Its hard to believe its been a year already since The_fox made his Christmas post. Alot has happened on 2b2t in the last 12 months. Many bases have fallen, many friendships broken, and TPS is lower than ever. However, amidst the anarchy we all knowingly join in (and yet complain about), new friendships and alliances are formed, bases yet discovered grow larger and more powerful by the day, and magnificent structures are selected and cataloged for inclusion in the Vault.

At the end of the day, remember: this is 2b2t. If your base is destroyed, build another. Go out and explore. There are hundreds of builds out there just waiting to be found. When you join the server, you do so with the understanding that everything you work for can be destroyed the next time you log in- and that's part of what makes 2b2t such a great place.

Keep the server alive, donate when you can, and have fun!
Merry Christmas, and I'll see you all on 2b2t!


Merry merry merry merry merry merry Christmas from the marvelous Mr ftsqr, owner of the slippery pickle in which all drinks and VIP packages are 10% off for the rest of christmas. Thank you all 2b2ters for making 2b2t what it is.


Hey 2b2t, it’s Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday with their friends, family, and/or household pets and you’re all filled to the brim with Christmas spirit! Hopefully everyone is enjoying their gifts and their time off from classes or work to relax and shitpost on 2b2t.

This year has been a wild ride, but 2015 will soon come to a close with 2016 opening on our horizon. Hopefully 2016 will bring many more cherished memories as 2015 has for many of us.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays to all 2b2t'ers. It's been a fun 2015 on 2b2t, just like every other year. If I killed any of you in the past few years, I just want you to know that I'm almost sorry. Live free, lift heavy, and play block game.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all the Warders of the Iron Ring are coming to grief your bases.


Merry Christmas 2b2t! 2015 was a great for the us. We had great bases and events (Dat first april). It was a year of lessons, union and friendship. It renewed my hopes in the server and I hope it did the same to anyone reading this. I know the low TPS is awful, but it’s something people been enduring for years. And we gonna keep enduring, because we love 2b2t. This imperfect anarchy world

Happy holidays for you, your base, your family and your basemates.


You think that you are lay besiege to this message but I am the one who lay besiege to your message. There are no infidels within 100 km of spawn, this is a Hollywood lie. There are no American infidel in this message! Never! Be assured - this message is safe and protected. Who are in control they are not in control of anything are not even controlling themselves. We will encourage him to commit suicide faster. We have destroyed two base, all your base are belong to us, and their shovel. These pencils are booby traps, do not pick up these trap of the voxel coalition. We shall behead you all! I SHALL SHOW YOU IN ONE HOUR! They are not in any place. They are in no place in this message. There are no place in 2b2t. This is illusion. All of them, most of them, do not have control over themselves. How can you lay siege to whole country? Who is really under siege now? They are trapped in Umm Qasr. They are trap near Basra, they are trap near Nasiriyah, near najaf, near impbase, near valkyria, near the SIB, they are trap everywhere. They cannot read a compass. None of them will come out unless they admit quickly. We killed a number, and captured another number.We blocked them inside the city. Their rear is blocked. THE AMERICANS ARE COMMITTING SUICIDE BY THE WALLS OF IMPBASE. I tell you, The American Louts fled, Indeed, concerning the fighting waged by the heroes of the fecal army of bob, one amazing thing really is the cowardice of the American soldier, we had not anticipiated this. It was rumoured that we have fired tnt into impbase, but this is not true. we do not have any scud missile and I do not know why they were fired into impbase. THEY ARE NOWHERE. They are trapped in every place, they are trap in every base such as valkyria and spawn base.Yesterday, we slaughtered them and we will continue to slaughter them. They think that we are tetarded, but they are tetarded. This insane little fecal dwarf and his American lakey who claim to study biology, he will be shown biology, he is blocked in city and his rear is blocked. We have chopped off their heads. We are winning.


Merry Christmas (Merry FISHMAS xDD) from you're favourite minecraft fish and to have a sexy and kawaii 2016 :3

Also why is Lisa Edelstein so cute and why is this allowed in 2016 (IT IS THE CURRENT YEAR FOR GOD"S SAKE) i vote this should not be allowed THANKS 2B2T REMEMBER TUNA LOVES YOU ALL :3 :3 :3


merry christmas everyone!!! my name is vic and i am math genius i have 20k chests filled with bedrock in my obsidian fortress at 30mil 30mil but you're all invited so dont worry
oh man 2b2t is like 4 years old now isnt that cool sure is cool yeah ik
i bet 2b2t will die in 2016 but thats ok because the spirit of 2b2t lives on inside us even tho souls arent scientific and probably dont real but that doesnt matter because when you take multiple spacial and temporal dimensions into account and the possibility of extraterrestial life outside our small interstellar neighborhood then yes indeed its possible that souls exist let me explain ok so you know how there are ghosts on earth well if you look closely the ghosts are actually just 3-dimensional transparent projections projected by moonians (aliens on the moon) to distract us from the real truth (that there are ayyliens on the moon) but thats not the whole story
sit down for a moment and let me tell you about the aliens on the moon
they are grey which is why we cant see them because the moon is also grey so their skin acts like camouflage but if you observe the moon in high frequency wavelengths then you can actually see them ok so now you can see them well have you noticed the tesseract shaped skull they have? well let me tell you about the tesseract shaped skull ok so thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oops i rested my hand on the 'e' key and backspace doesnt work but thats ok. anyway where was i oh right the moonian skulls get their tesseract shape because they are also projections projected by tesserectians ( lol ) (4 dimensional aliens) in the 4th spacial dimension and this goes on all the way to the -1/12th dimension, this is where current knowledge about dimensions comes to a halt
if we can find the solution to x=x+1 we'll be able to see past the -1/12th dimension and discover the truth about ayliens and souls
thats all folks merry christmas


James Rustles

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