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Unlike most 2b2ters think, I didn’t start all the incursions. I don’t own the “incursion” format. I just acted as an organizer in some of them (Second and Third). I am now going to describe the events and details behind each incursion. Enjoy.

The “Boredom” Incursion
Base of Origin: Valkyria
Spawn Base: 2k2k.
Estimated duration: 1 week

Yes, the first incursion was motivated by boredom. At the time we didn’t even call it incursion… This is now June of 2013. The first version of Valkyria is almost complete regarding the buildings and most basemates were tired of building and basing. Hindejd, one of five founders of Valkyria came to us with the idea of “invading” spawn. Usually that idea would be refused, but the conditions were perfect because of the 1.4.7. Everyone at Valkyria was extremely well equipped with Kino duped armor, tools and weapons which means we would have a chance to stand equal to any veteran spawn killer we could find. 

We accepted this idea and marched to spawn, but not all together. Some people went a few days ahead of the rest, like Drewbookman and Hinderjd. They were important to settle some farms to sustain us. Half of the players of Valkyria were not online at the time or refused to come. After walking for hours at spawn and killing all the withers we could find, we decided to settle at 2k2k.

2k2k was a symbolic place for players like hinder, coldwave and knightvista, since it was a former Facepunch base. The newfag haven of Phagocytic. That was the main reason why we picked it. The place was not in bad conditions despite a giant lavacast. The underground was beautiful. But despite the good start, the first incursion became a mess. People started to separate to pursue their goals at spawn. We were not organized at the time, so 2k2k soon fell to griefers. Some of us also died, including me. This was due to the fact that even with good equipment, some of us still lacked the PVP experience. Spawn also made its role by killing some of us by fall damage. The whole event lasted only 1 week with a few ripples because some members remained at spawn for a bit more time.

The First Incursion failed… But no one really cared about it at the time. We wanted a challenge and we bite more than we could chew.

The Chaotic Incursion
Base of Origin: Belegost, Valkyria, Rhadamantis.
Spawn Base: Fubster Spawn Camp, NFE.
Estimated duration: 2 months and half

Yes, this one was even messier than the first. The Second Incursion was marked by the lack of organization and surprising collaboration between the players involved. Unlike the first one, everyone's goals were the same: occupy spawn and kill everyone you see. Some of its (good) standards would become a reference for the third one. It happened after Belegost, the base that was supposed substitute Valkyria was accidentally leaked by Coldwave when he used Adolf client. This scattered the Valkyrians a lot. Some came with me to Rhadamantis, but some didn’t. Tired of running, some people went to their solo bases or friends.

Soon after Rhada, I stopped playing for a few months. I returned to 2b2t in August and was immediately invited by Pyrobyte to come to spawn and join this new invasion that was going on. 2b2t players numbers increased by this IGN post where 2b2t was considered one of the 6 greatest wonders of Minecraft. This motivated some veterans and Valkyrians to take arms and go to spawn to get some “fresh meat”.

The Second Incursion base started as a dirt hut built by Fubster. A few days later, a whole base took shape and served as a foundation for the impressive 2 months and half of occupation. Fubster, Pompano, Pyrobyte and I were the captains and administrators. We built roads, bases and beacons. But all of these improvements were used to maximize the killing and make it easier to patrol all directions. We would judge who was worthy or not to join the event.

The fact is that the second incursion was a genocide of newcomers. It brutally broke the players income and gave them a taste of how awful 2b2t can be. New players would be stalked and killed all day, every day. Week after week. Some earned our mercy, but most didn’t.

At the time, I considered it fun, but looking back now, I see that this incursion might have made a disservice to 2b2t by eliminating a chance of 2b2t to get more regular players from the IGN advertising. The few that decided to stay after being killed and persecuted at those times, remember those days with a bitter taste. I know this because some today are my friends.

The only good act we did back there was defend NFE from newfag raids and potential griefers. Thousands of new players were killed according to estimates.

However, something good came up from this Incursion. It made possible the rebuilding of Valkyria by reuniting the crew again and even adding more people to it. The base wouldn’t shine again and become a legend without all the death and mayhem we caused at Spawn.

The Second Incursion was a necessary evil.

The Wrath Incursion
Base of Origin: Asgard II, Rebellion, Frontline FOB.
Spawn Base: Volunteers Base, Wrath of Spawn.
Estimated duration: Exactly 1 month

It’s not just for the base name. The third incursion was mainly motivated by anger and frustration. Asgard II was recently destroyed and most of the 30 members were caught by this feeling of hate. I knew that if I let this situation go unchecked, the members would scatter again like it happened at Belegost. So I called a new Incursion and took advantage of the Asgardian’s revolt and anger to fuel this new event. Before A2 was destroyed, calling a new incursion was something unthinkable to me, because of how senselessly violent the last one was. But If I had to call a new one to maintain the unity of our group, then I decided to organize it the best I could. I projected the Third Incursion to be an event less violent than the third and more creative and open to everyone.  And it worked beautifully.

Thanks to 1.4.7 dupe stashes, all of the Asgardian received stacks of god apples while they forged their own equipment at FOB. Pyrobyte’s help in the construction of Wrath Outpost was absolutely vital. He alone made it possible for SIB to happen. My original plans for the base were much more humble and difficult. We also built monuments at spawn and rebuilt the core. We patrolled some spawn bases and killed players too, but a lot less than the previous one. The event also served as a place for people to work together. A opportunity for players to meet and collaborate, due everyone that decided to side with the incursion (with the exception of the KOS list) would be welcomed to work with us and help with any task. Great contributions from volunteers like Bammerbeast and Dorquemada surprised me a lot.

To me, I feel that the Third Incursion was a giant “Fuck You” to all the few that hate this group and mocked the destruction of A2. It was a huge and unexpected show of force and determination from the members involved at the very deep core of the server. It was also an open invitation for our enemies to show their faces, which they did… Most of them were killed countless times. Some had to face the indignity to run for their safety and combat log.

The Third Incursion surpassed my expectations, concluding as a successful event and making possible Asgard II rest in peace in our hearts and move on to new challenges.

James Rustles

James has been a regular player on 2b2t since late 2012. With a team of players, he runs this blog and a youtube channel, dedicated to preserving stories, adventures and history on - the best Minecraft anarchy server.


  1. incursions are terrible.

    1. yes, but in 2b2t incursions are not all bad. they mark the demolition and creation of some of the greatest builds of all time. the make the interest of the server and the juice that keeps us fighting in those great wars. they stand as a rebellion against boundaries of virtual realities that have never been scathed and just now can those mountainous boundaries be leveled.that is why people can band and cooperate together as one and defeat the gods and veterans or the server. That is how i see 2b2t.

  2. Well, I guess this needs an update, as the IV Incursion has begun...

  3. You forgot to put the fourth incursion, by Fitmc, the person you gave a start to in 2b2t. He thanked you in his destruction of aureus city and said sorry to you just because he was destroying your small house.

  4. this is beautifully written